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Beef Cattle Meat Quality

Beef Cattle Meat Quality

The US Beef Quality audit identified low and inconsistent quality as major impediments to improving domestic demand for beef products. Consumers evaluate the quality of beef at the point of purchase with respect to freshness, marbling, and color, and at the point of consumption where the focus is on quality of eating experience, or palatability described by three sensory traits: tenderness, juiciness and flavor.


Ability to deliver a consistently superior quality product is important if beef industry is to maintain and expand its share of the market. These issues are of particular importance for Brahman and Brahman crosses as they are routinely penalized for relatively low marbling score and perceived inferior tenderness. A sustainable strategy to address these issues is via the development of effective selection and management genomic tools.  


This will improve the economic position of the beef industry, improve demand for beef, increase profits and will lead to more satisfied consumers.

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Raluca Mateescu, Department of Animal Sciences, University of Florida

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Raluca Mateescu, Mauricio Elzo, Dwain Johnson

Department of Animal Sciences, University of Florida

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